Facial recognition is a technology that can capture individual faces — from photographs or video — and identify the individual by matching the face to those on a secure database.
FacialStats.com® is an affordable face recognition software system that can be used to spot shoplifters, criminals, terrorists, other wanted individuals, as well as good customers using the world's most highly developed facial recognition technology. It instantly matches individuals by face to those on your proprietary database and sends instant alerts to designated individuals who can then take the appropriate action. FacialStats.com® is the only turnkey facial recognition service available today. It consists of minimal equipment installed at each site and a backend system designed to be hosted in the cloud as a service or at your headquarters.
We have a Plug and Play system! That’s fast, easy and provides excellent results.
You can create or select any available facial databases you want uploaded into your FacialStats.com® system. This can include photos of employees, customers, undesirables and VIPs. If you are an organization with multiple facilities, you access and share data with the other facilities that also use FacialStats.com® facial recognition. You can also add database photos of other sources in our network who have agreed to share information. Your own records can be added and deleted at will. Our system is compliant with multiple photo formats. Additionally, you can build a database from photos from your existing cameras, once Facial Stats.com is installed.
You can configure your alerting preferences and change them as needed. Choose the schedule, recipients and delivery system — e-mail, mobile phone App, Live security screen alert. Recipients can include such individuals as your loss prevention staff, on-duty scheduler, local police, hospitality manager, security staff, etc.
The system requires reasonably sharp black-and-white or color photos showing the full face. Because the system must determine the position of both eyes, profile shots are not acceptable.
Other facial recognition systems are completely dependent on automated systems that are set at fixed parameters. FacialStats.com® incorporates an optional human interface to significantly enhance accuracy. If the match level is set too low, you end up confronting innocent individuals. If it's set too high, lawbreakers may go undetected. As the only company that provides facial recognition as a service, you get the security of our massive backend system and staff without the stress of operation and maintenance concerns.
Affordable “Plug and Play” is our motto. We want to bring Facial Recognition to the everyday retail store, and have a pricing program ideal for you. Please contact sales to find out how.