Plug & Play Machines

Loss Prevention & Fraud

Demographic / Emotional Statistics

What We Measure and See:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Dwell Time
  • Emotional Positivity
    • Happy
    • Neutral
    • Angry
    • Surprised
  • Specific Faces from the Database
  • Ability to Exclude Employees from Stats

Real-Time Facial Recognition

Our Facial Recognition Algorithm allows clients to create their own library of faces and identify the faces when in front of the camera.

VIP Customers:
Identify your VIP customers, and notify sales staff when they walk into your location, by email or SMS. See the customer’s key profile stats from the data base.

Our facial recognition allows for employee identification, and then exclusion from your traffic statistics giving you greater accuracy on demographics and your customer base.

There are many different types of undesirables. Being able to identify them quickly and communicate that to staff is key to reducing theft, vandalism and costs.
Once our system verifies an undesirable; two photos are sent to your device. One of the data base picture and another of the camera shot; so your staff can then ensure accuracy of the call.

Report Formats

  • Bar & Pie Charts
  • Hourly, Weekly, Monthly Increments
  • Comparisons to:
    • Other Data
    • Weather
    • Sales
    • Locations
    • Cameras
  • Custom Reporting

Industry Advantages


Fast Food

  • Measure quantity & ages of the customers and at what time
  • Customize services and products to your audience
  • Adjust advertising to target in-store demographics
  • identify peak times to better accommodate the increased traffic


  • Identify "Undersirables" when they enter your store
  • Identify customers for in-store advertising
  • Notifications of increased traffic for cashier staffing

Employee Management

  • Establish employee hours and break times base on traffic flow - increase productivity and manage your staff more efficiently
  • Measure employee positivty - detect the emotions of both your employees and customers to increase customer satisfaction
  • Identify increased traffic, to prepare cashiers in minutes


  • Monitor movement of people
  • Customize in-branch advertising
  • Emergency notifacations of flagged individuals
  • Burglar alarm
  • Reduce fraud

In-Store Advertising

  • Adjust daily specials
  • Generate audience-measurement data to target promotions
  • Increase the efficiency of advertising


  • Maximize loss prevention
  • Real-time notifications of "undesirables"
  • Minimize threats

Digital Signage

  • Determine the ages of your audience to identify the optimal target
  • Identify gender to discover which gender your ad attracts more
  • Measure the interest in your ads using dwell time & optimize marketing operations
  • Analyze foot traffic and peak times to reach larger audience


  • Establish what catches the eye of potential customers


  • Empower your audience using dwell time - organize your store in a smart way to keep customers in for longer
  • Understand what demographics respond to your displays best